Adobe After Effects Training

Adobe After Effects Training

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After Effects Courses

After Effects Courses

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Learning After Effects

Learning After Effects

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Adobe After Effects Training

When it comes to applying the finishing touches to a video reel, a demonstration or even a feature film, Adobe After Effects training really does allow for those interested in the craft to develop skills in the software which will allow them to progress in their chosen career. 

Create and craft stunning 2D and 3D animations and post-production polish that only professional studios working in TV and film have access to – all with an Adobe certification and a step-by-step online training program to help you hone and develop your skills as an editor. 

There’s more to video production that simply holding the camera – and our in house training and distance learning courses will prepare you for the highly competitive world of video editing and its after-polish.

To learn more about the local Adobe After Effects training please complete the contact box provided. Our nearby team can try to find the course closest to you or in surrounding areas. 

Why Learn Adobe After Effects?

The software is widely regarded as one of the leading brands in video editing and post-production composition in the entertainment industry – it’s even used by professionals worldwide in aiding the creation of useful in-house films and production reels for the purpose of education. 

Therefore, Adobe training in this standard is highly sought-after – and we will help you to embellish your CV or resume with a certification at a number of different levels.

Similarly there are other training sessions to get involved in including Acrobat This will improve your skills further.

Whether studying from afar via our online training modules our in-house with our instructors and team, we will offer you more than the simple, standard Adobe After Effects tutorials can give you. 

Learn on a hands-on basis with practical exercises as well as personal study and your own projects to follow and complete from home – and learn how to bring video content of all varieties up to sparkle in just a few handy seminars.

What Can I Learn During Adobe After Effects Training?

While it may be one of the more specialised Adobe products, our training courses and distance learning modules will help you get to grips with even the most in-depth of tricks and techniques. 

Our Adobe After Effects e-learning and in house training will help you to appreciate and practice the following, from beginner level through to immediate and beyond:

  • Project creation and management
  • Adding and honing the perfect effects for your project
  • Trimming, switching, editing and scaling back
  • Layers, gradients and more advanced tools
  • Still images and footage – basic management and control
  • Compositions and timelines
  • 3D editing and composition (from field depth to lights and camera control)
  • Audio (Waveform, Stereo Mixer and more)
  • Implementing other programs and the Creative Suite
  • Importing and exporting with ease
  • Graphs, 3D fields and more besides

Where Can I Study?

We offer a great deal of flexibility for our training modules in this software, and the good news is you don’t need to have any prior experience in the program or its tutorials to get started with us. 

We will set you up on a program that is best suited to your current level of expertise and your ability – and whether you choose to learn in house with us or via the internet from afar, we will always be happy to welcome new students interested in becoming video editing professionals. 

Take it from us – this software is arguably at the forefront of the industry, and we therefore highly recommend you try out our introduction course to whet your appetite for more in-depth tutorials and hands-on learning.

If you have experience with softwares like Flash you might be put on a higher level already, as you will have some Adobe experience.

What Levels Are Available?

We’re proud to be able to offer Adobe After Effects course material at a variety of different levels, though we are most keen to introduce those interested in the software and the Creative Suite in general to our Introductory or Beginner course. 

This will help everyone get to grips with the tools and software in general – leading towards your first Adobe certification in your road towards personal development in the Creative Suite and beyond.  We currently provide the following levels of education in the software to our students:

  • Beginner / Introduction
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

When you’re feeling more confident in using the software and making the most out of the tutorials and tools available, we are always happy to advance you to the next stage.

Adobe Training and Your Future

We’re confident that learning more about Adobe products will help you develop in a wide range of career paths – particularly as the software is professionally recognised as some of the most technically capable and user-friendly on the market. 

Thinking about doing multiple training sessions? We would also recommend InDesign which is great for designing.

After Effects will, in the right hands, open up a world of video editing and polishing possibilities – and our training will provide you with valuable encouragement and assistance. For more information on Adobe After Effects training please complete the contact form provided.


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