Adobe Flash Training

Adobe Flash Training

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Flash Software Courses

Flash Software Courses

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What is Adobe Flash?

What is Adobe Flash?

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Adobe Flash Training

We offer Adobe Flash training at great value for money.

When it comes to building visual and interactive elements that the web has thrived upon for years, Flash has arguably been at the forefront – offering the building blocks for modern web design since long before Adobe products took on the software from Macromedia. 

Flash is the standard for many websites and has been in place to help make a variety of online platforms accessible to users of Windows PCs and more besides over the years. 

The emergence of Apple and their unique programming has rendered Flash’s wide usage across the web to less prominent – but it is still a hugely useful program that provides users with plenty of entry-level understanding and techniques that can be used elsewhere in the Creative Suite and beyond. 

When it comes to understanding the basics of flexible, interactive web design, Flash is an ideal program to start with.

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What is Flash?

Flash has been used in web animations, interactive widgets and overall site design for considerable years now – and while much of the web may be moving towards HTML5 in a few years, it is still software and technology that is used to provide the foundations for sites and interactive elements that visitors and browsers depend upon. 

Understanding Flash is arguably the first step towards understanding how web design works as a whole. We would also recommend learning Captivate too when thinking about training.

We highly recommend getting into Flash before tackling even some of the more advanced web design packages and software available in the Creative Suite – and our Adobe course in the standard will help you to appreciate its importance in the online landscape and how things are set to evolve in years to come.

Course Information

Through beginner and intermediate study we will offer you tutorials and support on the following areas and sub-sections of study throughout our dedicated Flash training:

  • An introduction to Flash – its importance and the future of web design
  • ActionScript animation
  • Object creation and handling
  • Movie editing and publication
  • Frame management
  • Interfaces
  • Web integration
  • The future of Flash
  • Advanced technique
  • Examples and demonstrations

Why Study Adobe Products?

The brand is widely known for producing some of the most important, accessible and all-around useful software on the planet – much of which is used by millions on a regular basis to craft websites, animations, documents and much more – and our insight into the history of Flash and how you can make it work to your advantage is hugely recommended if you are new to the Creative Suite and are looking to get an edge on the corporate competition. 

Our Adobe certification options allow you to pick and choose tutorials and seminars based on a wide range of products and services, meaning that you can pick and choose from several different programs in the Creative Suite should you wish to get a more general perspective.

Intensive and in-depth courses in disciplines such as Flash training will prepare you for your career in graphic and web design as well as contemporary publishing. 

We’re therefore proud to be able to provide such flexible learning to our students on a wide range of topics and specialisms in incredible detail – providing you with hands-on learning as well as video guides and guided tuition as and when you require it the most.

There are other products to learn too including Microsoft Access and other MS Software. We would recommend learning as much as you can so you can be a master of all softwares.

Studying Flexibly

Feel free to study at your own pace and on your own terms – you can either attend our training centre to join a study group, go one-on-one with a tutor, or sign into our online portal and complete your Adobe certification from afar as and when it is most convenient for you. 

E-learning is extremely convenient for the vast majority of our students – and while many prefer to learn in-person, there is always the opportunity available for you to study from home or elsewhere should you be unable to fit in physical seminars or classes around your schedule. 

As stated, we also know that everyone learns slightly differently, and at a different pace to everyone else – and we’re therefore aiming to accommodate as many people as possible with open learning available online and in house as you see fit.

Although we offer courses across the UK, you might find that the one closest to you is not nearby or in surrounding areas. If there is not a course local to you, you may decide to choose to do a training course online. For more details on the online courses, please get in touch.

Get Started

Getting started couldn’t be easier.  If you’d like to know more about how Flash has altered the way we access websites and entertain ourselves online, our step-by-step tuition will allow you to take it all in at your own pace – learn about the past, master the present and look to the future – with associated courses in Edge and Dreamweaver available, too, why not take a look at what’s available elsewhere?

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