Microsoft Excel Training in Newtownabbey

Microsoft Excel Training in Newtownabbey

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Excel Training in Newtownabbey

Excel Training in Newtownabbey

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Excel VBA Training in Newtownabbey

Excel VBA Training in Newtownabbey

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Microsoft Excel Training in Newtownabbey 

In this day and age it’s becoming integral to gain a firm grasp of spreadsheets and using them to speed up your daily routine, that’s why many people are now congregating to Microsoft Excel training in Newtownabbey BT39 9 like the courses we provide here.

The spreadsheet programme - not to be confused with Access - is one that’s widely used and is often part and parcel of what’s required for an office worker to understand. Regardless whether you are a teacher, student, office worker or small business owner, you could benefit hugely from a strong understating of how Excel works.

The flexible tools enable users to utilise formulas, averages, charts, graphs and conduct data.

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What Microsoft Excel is Used For?

MS Excel is part of the office software and is used for summarising data by placing it on a spreadsheet. The Microsoft Office product has been prevalent in offices for decades and is now common practice in many businesses.

It’s often used for finances within an office but you are not limited to using it for work purposes, it’s also become popular for managing regular finances and budgeting.

The software is very simple to use but the further you delve into what it provides, the more you get out of it and that’s why you could reap the rewards of an Excel certification.

Use it to generate weekly and monthly reports, use it to track, have it automatically update information and also use the sum features to add up the finances. You can use it to it’s potential by having it formulate certain finances and sums automatically.

Regular users are now capitalising on many of its features and using it for invoices, income, expenses and every other finance aspect you can think of.

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We offer courses closest to you in Newtownabbey BT39 9 and elsewhere. 

Excel Training Available

The ubiquitous inclusion of this spreadsheet suite over the years has meant that it’s become a popular aspect of the office. Many companies couldn’t go without Excel and all that it brings.

With so many different ways to use it, it means that a depth of knowledge can be required, hence why there are so many courses to choose from.

Enrol onto an Excel training course that most suits you, the best way to distinguish which one is best suited, is by analysing how much experience you have with the product.

Here are some of the courses that you can choose from:

  • Essentials
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Excel VBA Training
  • Combined
  • Intro to Macros
  • Excel Business Intelligence

We are also able to offer other training sessions including those for Sharepoint and other Microsoft and Adobe services.

Essentials Training Near Me

This course is one that appeals to beginners as it shows you how to navigate around, create and simply use the workbooks available. The course outlines the basic skills. It will allow students to come out with a good understanding of formulas, autofill and formats that could benefit worksheets.

Our well-trained instructors ease you into the world of Excel and ensure that you are slowly introduced to formulas and other features. Although it may seem daunting you will be shown by experienced trainers who have a vast knowledge of MS Office.

Get in touch with our team now form more information on Microsoft Excel training in Newtownabbey BT39 9 and details on costs.

What You Will Learn?

This course will ease you into Excel and bring you up to speed nice and quickly, with that said, you will only progress gradually through the day in order to give you a good understanding by the time the course is up.

Things you will learn on the MS Excel Course:

  • How to use Autosum
  • To be able to navigate around workbooks and worksheets
  • Create formulas and arrange formats
  • Will be ready for the exam Excel Core

What’s Included?

This one-day course includes a training manual; freshly prepared lunch, refreshments throughout the day and exercises you have practiced, so you can look at them after the course.

Excel Intermediate Training

This course is transferable to any Excel you use, regardless on whether it’s 2003, 2007, 2009 or 2013.  If you have small knowledge or have already carried out the essentials course, then this is the training for you.

On completion you’ll be able to work the database tools and features, work effectively on multiple workbooks and also use basic functions. Working in a workshop environment can help you learn everything you need to know and use the help from tutors.

What You Will Learn?

By the end of the course you will understand how to quickly work through multiple workbooks, create charts, use productivity tools and use quick analysis for efficiency.

What’s Included?

Again, it’s a one-day course that includes lunch, refreshments are available and you will also receive a guide and exercises from the day to take away with you.

Advanced Course Near Me

The advanced course is exactly what you’d imagine, extended knowledge for those that already use Excel. By the end of the day your understanding would have grown exponentially. 

You will be able to report on data, use PivotTables, analyse complex info that you have and much more.

What You Will Learn?

  • Create and use defined names in worksheets and workbooks
  • Work with logical function
  • Use data lookup techniques
  • Use reference functions
  • Create summaries and subtotals within your spreadsheet
  • Create and understand PivotTables
  • Construct and operate PivotTables using advanced strategies
  • Use solver
  • Import and export data
  • Use a range of controls and features
  • Use recorded macros

The instructor led course is just a one-day course with refreshments and food available, plus a USB, a guide and much more. Take home the exercises so you can practice and refresh your memory after you have completed the day.

Excel VBA Training in Newtownabbey

The VBA training helps you comprehend and maximise uses such as recorded macros, macro editor and other features. The course is a great way to learn how to programme repetitive tasks in Excel and is predominantly used by professionals within business.

You will learn standard data and input but you will also have your knowledge topped up with more complex theories and strategies.

Those looking to enrol should not be put off or daunted by the task in hand, the courses runs for two days and is led by experienced instructors who will slowly take you through the process step by step.

What You Will Learn?

  • How to create recorded macros
  • Understand Excel in more depth
  • Use VBA procedures
  • Enjoy regular tasks far more easily
  • Create and use their variable
  • Write code and manipulate Excel objects
  • Create code to drive a user form

What Will it Include?

It’s a two-day course. Like the other courses, it will include fresh food and there will be refreshments available. It will take place in a comfortable environment with air conditioning and experienced trainers. As Microsoft course providers we also ensure that you have a guide, exercises and plenty to take away with you.

Microsoft Excel Courses Near Me

Find the MS Excel course near you with our team making learning accessible, not only can you take your staff training to our facility but we can also bring the course to you. We have options for in house training that often proves vital for many businesses hoping to provide a better depth of knowledge for their staff.

Whether you are a beginner right through to an advanced user, there’s plenty our experts can teach you. If you’d rather not participate in some of the courses above then you may wish to find the introduction to macros, combined or business intelligence.

There are locations available for Microsoft across the UK so use our courses in house or otherwise to better your CV.

To learn more about the MS Excel courses in Newtownabbey BT39 9 make certain to speak with a member of our team using the contact box provided. 

How Does the Training Work?

It’s simple- you find our online training, staff training or in house courses here, enrol and book a date that works for you. Once you have paid you will receive confirmation and from there you will be able to attend the day.

You are noted on what to bring and what the course will offer. Things you need are mostly accommodated by us as the training provider and you will simply need to show up on time ready to learn.

Once you have completed the Excel sheet, you might want to share this with others. We would recommend Outlook to share your Excel documents.

Our instructors are experts in this area and they will talk you through how the day will pan out. You will receive a guide and more information on the day or two days (depending on the course).

You will leave feeling confident with an abundance of new skills that you have picked up and you will also receive an excel certification too.

This course is useful for all and there are options for everybody with beginner courses, intermediate, advanced, VBA and other smaller courses that help introduce you to different aspects.

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