Microsoft Training in Newtownabbey

Microsoft Training in Newtownabbey

If you are interested in getting involved in Microsoft training today, make certain you choose our expert team to help you!

Microsoft Training and Certification  in Newtownabbey

Microsoft Training and Certification in Newtownabbey

When interested in Microsoft training and certification, it is best to come to our team, as we have years of experience and expert knowledge.

MS Training Courses in Newtownabbey

MS Training Courses in Newtownabbey

We have a variety of MS training courses available depending on your individual needs and requirements. For more information please get in touch with our team!

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Microsoft Training in Newtownabbey

Here at IT Training we offer a diverse range of Microsoft Training in Newtownabbey BT39 9 for all levels, helping people from all walks to discover their computing skills. Regardless on whether you are seeking a course on Excel, Outlook or Powerpoint, you will be sure to find it on our site.

There are numerous courses that specifically help people of all experience, so if you are a teacher, student or a complete novice then we have training for you. Peruse around what’s on offer and find introductory, advanced and other types of training.

Learning online has never been easier and you can now unearth some of the finest Microsoft training courses from the comfort of your home, the elaborate courses have trained thousands of individuals and there’s always something aimed specifically for you.

If you simply want to be able to comprehend Excel a little more and be able to work spreadsheets then there’s something for you, if you already specialise in this area but wish to add to your knowledge then there’s training courses for you too.

To learn more about MS training courses in Newtownabbey BT39 9 please complete the contact form provided and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity. Our team will be happy to answer any questions or queries you have, so please leave them in the contact box presented on this page. 

Microsoft Training Courses on Offer Near Me

What’s available and what have we got on offer for customers like yourself? You can find training courses that include Access, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Project, Sharepoint and Visio.

Think of it as a Microsoft Training Academy as we help all users add another string to their bow. There’s no shortage of courses and training with a number of programmes all being available here and you can easily enrol without hassle.

You can join for fun or go that one step further for your course or job. The courses cater for teachers, students, raw beginners right through to those that are advanced, you’re never too skilled to learn more and you will be given expert coaching when you signup online.

If you would like more information on the local MS training courses available in Newtownabbey BT39 9 nearby you or in surrounding areas, please fill in our enquiry form.

You can choose to go to the course closest to you or look online, as we offer professional IT courses on the internet. Get in touch for more details!

What courses are available?

  • Access Training including introduction, advanced and VBA training
  • Excel Training with essentials, intermediate, advanced, VBA, combined, introduction and business intelligence
  • Outlook training including advanced and introduction
  • Powerpoint with introduction, advanced or a combined course
  • Project training for beginners and advanced
  • Sharepoint server training for site owners, designer and user training
  • Visio for both advanced and beginners looking to take the course
  • Microsoft Word training with essentials, intermediate, advanced, word combined

Microsoft Training and Certification

All courses have been carefully pieced together for the best experience and most gain with hands-on coaching and experts available around the clock to help you learn these essential skills. In addition, you will receive an official Microsoft training certification.

This could come in very handy to show for computing jobs, courses and much more. But most importantly the training will help make your life a lot easier.

With computers, laptops and other devices being at the centre of what we do in this day and age, it can be important to have a comprehensive understanding of the software and one that’s often used and needed in numerous job sectors is for Microsoft.

Whether it’s a Word document that we are creating or a Spreadsheet on Excel.

To find out more about the available MS training courses in Newtownabbey BT39 9 please fill in our contact form.

How it Works

We have conducted a course that can be aimed at individuals of different levels and experience. That’s why we group and run each one separately ensuring that you get what you want from the training.

You can learn online with our real experts and coaches interacting with you and helping you through different sessions. This official course is one that can also be done at your office, so if you’d prefer office training then have somebody come in to your work and teach your staff.

So how can you join?

  1. Login on this site or simply click onto the course you wish to apply for.
  2. You will receive confirmation and will then be able to enrol once your payment is made.
  3. You will be sent additional details telling you how to carry out the course and when your first session will be available.

Microsoft Learning in Newtownabbey

Microsoft learning is an important element of working and learning because many courses, jobs and even ways of teaching all involve a strong understanding of Microsoft. That’s why it pays to get onto a course and start your training as soon as possible.

There are different ways to learn and we even offer in-house and staff training meaning that you can get everybody taught in one go, please you will be able to enjoy face to face education.

As Microsoft Training Providers, we pride ourselves on the efficiency, personal touch and support that we offer all customers.

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If you wish to find out more about Microsoft Training in Newtownabbey BT39 9 then please contact us now. We offer the best services, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions about the courses available.

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