Microsoft Outlook Training in Scottish Borders

Microsoft Outlook Training in Scottish Borders

When in a working environment with computers, you need to make sure all staff undergo Microsoft Outlook training.

Types of Courses for Outlook in Scottish Borders

Types of Courses for Outlook in Scottish Borders

There are plenty of different types of courses for Outlook depending on your individual needs and requirements. For details, please get in touch.

Outlook Email Courses in Scottish Borders

Outlook Email Courses in Scottish Borders

We offer the very best Outlook Email courses across the United Kingdom. If you would like to know about prices, please fill in our contact form.

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Microsoft Outlook Training in Scottish Borders

If you are in need of Microsoft Outlook training in Scottish Borders TD11 3 our team can offer you the greatest services. In this day and age, e-mailing is a common part of many peoples day and it’s integral in a working schedule.

In-fact it’s equally as important outside of the office and with the right knowledge and tools you could simplify your day with common tricks and functions.

Once you know how to fully use Outlook you will be able to share Sharepoint documents with others along with other documents.

Microsoft Outlook email is widely renowned in business and personal spheres with it playing a huge part of many people’s daily routines but too often individuals are missing some of the software’s best features.

It can be used by teams who wish to share information and can also help staff productivity with many of the speedy tools. Our instructor led courses help you comprehend some of the most useful tools and features on Outlook, making it simple for you to utilise the e-mail programme.

To find out more about the email training we can offer, please complete the contact form provided on this page and we will be able to help.

What You Will Learn in the Outlook Tutorial?

One of the most obvious objectives of your training will be to competently send and receive e-mails. You’ll have a strong understanding of the structure and how it’s best used; your overview will allow you to effortlessly send and receive messages.

One of the most underused aspects of Outlook is the scheduling tool, you can use the software to schedule appointments on your calendar.  You can also invite fellow staff or other personnel to meetings and alter the time and date for all to see.

One thing that ensures that your messages aren’t sent to junk mail is the address book, plus it’s a key part of all businesses both internally and externally, save your contacts with ease. Create distribution lists and notes when using the programme. Why not schedule tasks and set reminders to ensure productivity for you and your staff?

  • How sending and receiving email works
  • E-mail addresses and contact book
  • The benefits of emailing via Outlook
  • E-mail etiquette
  • Viruses and spam
  • How digital signatures work

Types of Courses for Microsoft in Scottish Borders

You might think it is just important to learn about things like Project and Word, but that's not true.

You can get certified training in-house or you can visit our facilities and enjoy what our experts have to offer. There are two types of courses for Outlook, an introduction and advanced.

The training course can be used for staff, to better your CV, to help you gain confidence in the workplace or simply for your own benefit.


The introduction requires little experience and a small knowledge and previous experience with the system will be beneficial but not mandatory. You will soon learn how to make use of basic and very useful features.

It’s a one day course that can enjoyed with refreshments and food available.


Upon completion of the introduction course you may wish to extend your knowledge further. Our Microsoft training providers help you step up your understanding with a well-run lesson that includes a workshop, guides and things to take away with you.

You will learn training on organising messages, how to search, working with alternative views and customisation, colour categories, working with rules, techniques, appointments, events and scheduling, managing contacts and task requests.

Outlook Email Courses Near Me

We can provide MS Outlook email courses local to you and in surrounding areas. Our nearby experts set up various courses closest to you and others. Since we work nationwide, you will be sure to find a course that suits you.

The best training courses can also be found online. If you are interested to find out more, please fill in the contact form provided.

With the help of our courses you can master Word, Outlook and much more.

For more information on the Outlook courses in Scottish Borders TD11 3 make certain to get in touch today via the enquiry form.

How Does Microsoft Training work?

If you are wondering how this Outlook training works then you will be glad to learn that it is led by instructors who are experts in their craft. With a deep knowledge of MS Outlook they show you the ins and outs of the system.

You will visit one of the locations and spend the day, you can organise it on your own or have all of your staff training. You can also organise in house training too- with plenty of options for instructors to come to you.

Once you have enrolled you will be sent confirmation and more information, you can book a date that suits you. You will then be told what you need, which will be next to nothing as most of you essentials will be awaiting your arrival.


The course is run out of one location in just one day, choose out of the introduction and advanced course. You will be shown on one version but they will be transferable skills usable between Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

There are many different MS training courses here that can be carried out as a bundle, giving you the tools to success. Strive to better yourself with the help of some of our highly qualified course leaders.

They not only show you the way around the system but they give you e-mail techniques that could help you.

You will be able to use this course regardless on whether you are a MAC or PC user.

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If you wish to contact the team regarding our Microsoft Outlook training in Scottish Borders TD11 3 or to simply asking us questions, please complete the enquiry form provided and we shall get back to you right away. 

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