Microsoft PowerPoint Training

Microsoft PowerPoint Training

We can offer Microsoft PowerPoint Training for a range of different individuals across the UK. For details, please get in touch.

MS PowerPoint Training Course

MS PowerPoint Training Course

We can offer the very best MS PowerPoint training course across the United Kingdom for fantastic prices.

PowerPoint Courses

PowerPoint Courses

We cover everything you need to know in our Powerpoint courses. If you take part you will be guaranteed to know everything you need to excel in MS PowerPoint.

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Microsoft PowerPoint Training

Our Microsoft PowerPoint training is led by professionals in this field as they offer their years of experience to help better your presentation skills.

PowerPoint is widely recognised across the globe and is utilised in numerous sectors and environments, whether it’s for external business, internal, university or school.

People often use Powerpoint in conjunction with other softwares such as InDesign and MS Word.

It’s now become a necessity in many walks of life and the different features on the software can come in rather handy.

The hands-on course will not only bring you up to speed but it will help you excel, you will get real life practice and also be able to ask all the questions you need. By the end you will be a fast, competent and confident user of MS PowerPoint.

There are three different courses available for those of different abilities, enrol onto introduction, advanced or combined. For more information on our training courses, please complete the contact box provided.

What is Microsoft PowerPoint?

Part of MS Office, this product is an innovative software that’s been a part of business and education for over a decade.

The system is one that enables users to demonstrate via a presentation, it gives visual aid to a speech and can teach or enlighten those watching with the addition of links, frames, videos, pictures, infographics and much more.

It’s a software that’s taught to children in school and is also one used to teach them. Many universities also use this programme to assist lectures and students themselves also use it as part of assignments. PowerPoint has become synonomous with business and learning over the years.

Microsoft Training Course Near Me

As training course providers we brandish different products and learning tools, here we offer you a tutorial on how to use PowerPoint. It takes just a day and you can easily sign-up right here. Purchase the course and schedule the best day for you. 

There’s three types of courses depending on what level of understanding you already have, by the finish you will be comfortable using this software to accompany one of your future presentations.


Those who wish to learn the fundamentals of PowerPoint can do so via the Introduction course. It’s a one day training course that will help you become a confident user of the programme.

By completion you will be comfortable conducting your own presentations with this aid and will know many of the basics, including clipart, graphs, diagrams and other features that could help engage your audience.


There’s no doubting that it is an integral part of today’s world but some people will need PowerPoint more than others. Those who use it on a regular basis or hope to, will want to venture into the Advanced course.

There’s options for beginners right through to experts and this is somewhere around the top end. Students for this course will already have a basic knowledge of the software and with the help of our experts you will gain even more.

Use the Internet alongside it, customise toolbars, use multimedia and create buttons. Your life will be made so much easier with this course, enjoy the certified training within just one day.


Book the combined course if you’re beginner seeking advanced training. This will see you through all of the stages. You will attend with little to no knowledge and leave with an advanced understanding of presentations.

This is a two day course and you will be able to enjoy food and refreshments on the day. You will need to book consecutive days.

Learn all of the above as you embrace the two courses within both days. It’s easy to enrol and start furthering your education.

If you are interested in adding flowcharts, etc. into your powerpoints, you may be interested in taking a Visio course which can improve your overall knowledge too.

What is PowerPoint Used for in Business?

There are many uses of PowerPoint within a workplace or even outside- if you wish to teach a whole location or more then you can use this software.

It’s possible to use on a big or small scale and it can work for either the manager or for other staff to showcase their understanding of an aspect.

How Can PowerPoint Help me as a Student?

There are plenty of ways that it can benefit you and it’s now commonly used in universities and schools alike, you will at some point have to run a presentation.

That’s where the expertise of our instructors could help you, you may want to prepare accordingly for your course.

What Features Does it Have?

You will find this out and more with three courses that can help you up your skills. Find out how to use clipart, pictures and videos as visual aids, you’ll also have the chance to embrace other great features such as macros, links and more.

PowerPoint Courses

If you are interested in PowerPoint courses local to you or in surrounding areas, we are sure that we will be able to offer a training session nearby you. We aim to get closest to all of our clients.

If you would like information on the courses provided, please fill in our enquiry form today and we can offer you more details. Remember, we can offer other courses too like Access and more.

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