Microsoft Word Training in Abbots Bickington

Microsoft Word Training in Abbots Bickington

You may think that MS Word is easy, however there are lots of things people don't know. For details on Microsoft Word training, please get in touch.

MS Course and Training in Abbots Bickington

MS Course and Training in Abbots Bickington

Our team aim to make sure you are an expert when you leave our MS Course and Training programme. For details on prices, please speak to us.

Microsoft Word Courses  in Abbots Bickington

Microsoft Word Courses in Abbots Bickington

There are various Microsoft Word courses out there, yet ours is the best by far with fully trained professionals teaching you!

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Microsoft Word Training in Abbots Bickington

We provide the best Microsoft Word training in Abbots Bickington EX22 7 - if you are interested, please contact our team.

Those looking for a Microsoft Word tutorial can experience our optimal training sure to turn the most basic user into a capable Word advocate, not only will you be able to use it to write out your notes or articles but you can confidently utilise all the tools in the artillery and shave time off your day.

Microsoft experts lead our courses; the instructors will be with you on the day to talk you through tasks, workshops and techniques.

There are four variations for this course simply due to the depth and demands, users are usually at different levels and that’s why it’s worth choosing the course depending on your experience. If you wish to go from beginner to advanced with our certified training then use the combined course.

It’s one thing reading or experiencing online training but our courses offer an all-round knowledge and a course that brings the training to life. Use workshops and more as our training courses offer you a guide and other work drills.

You will be able to use a number of MS Word versions including 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Use different layouts, fonts, headings, formats and capitalise on the tool bar that enables you to insert hyperlinks, pictures, clipart, diagrams, tables and even use multiple MS Office sources for your data or documents.

We would recommend getting tutorials on other softwares too like MS Project, this will help you improve your skills even more.

You can find out more about the Microsoft Office Word courses by filling in our contact form.

Why Take A Microsoft Word Course?

Microsoft Word is probably alongside Excel as the most integral office suite product, it’s widely used on school, college and university courses, not to mention the many professionals that use it on a daily basis at work.

Although there’s a misconception that you can simply load your new document and type away, it’s actually a little more complex than that, especially if you want to get the most out the programme.

There’s more to it than just copy and pasting into the document or using quick shortcuts on the keyboard, there are huge capabilities with tables, tools and external properties.

What is Microsoft Word Used For?

It’s primarily used to create various documents such as letters, brochures, learning activities, tests, quizzes and assignments. It’s one of the most versatile MS Office products around.

Microsoft learning has never been easier as our team of experts help you on your way with a compelling and engaging course sure to cover everything you need.

You may just discover features that you never knew existed, so find what you need and maximise it by asking the right questions on the day.

Our local team can offer nearby training courses closest to you in Abbots Bickington EX22 7 and in surrounding areas. For information on the courses we offer, please get in touch.

The Course and Training

If you’ve never used Word before and you want to be able to comfortably make the most of it then the essentials course is the one for you. You will learn all of the fundamentals, such as the format, text and how to load or save documents.

If you wish to delve a little deeper then venture into the intermediate class, another one-day course that will have you oozing confidence by the finish.

You will learn to create columns, manipulate tables, use automatic shortcuts and advantages, tools, layout and more.

If you fancy learning some of the more intriguing aspects and already have a sound knowledge of MS Word, then join the advanced course. This is a two-day course that will help you work on practical parts of the programme and there will be many hands-on workshop techniques involved too.

We also offer advanced courses for Sharepoint along with other Microsoft and Adobe softwares.

Whether you are using it for business, for work, your own good or as a student, there will be many tools and shortcuts that you can enjoy.

Go from somebody who’s never used Word to an expert in a short time. You can commit to the two-day course and learn so much in just days. You will be given the basics at the start and when up to speed you will be able to enjoy the advanced features of word.

Combine all three courses at a great price and make the most of the training providers we have in-store for you.

Training Locations

The Word training will be different to Adobe Photoshop for example. This is because different experts will have created the tutorials.

Although some people like to attempt Word from home with unclear online instructions, many prefer to enjoy the company of an industry expert. If you’d rather enjoy the expertise of an instructor then book on to find out more.

You can train at one of our locations, find the local course centre that works for you or indulge in the in-house training, there’s staff training days that can be organised for you and your colleagues. Update the whole company’s knowledge with the help of the top instructors available here.

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For more information on Microsoft Word training in Abbots Bickington EX22 7 please get in touch with our team. We will provide you with more details on costs and the courses we provide. 

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